Live Streaming and Video on Demand

Now you can share your event or program – live or on demand – with your people anywhere in the world. Professional videographers will capture your event and a dedicated producer and technician will mix the vision and audio ready to stream or deliver on demand.

Our live streaming production team is Sydney based

Basic video production and Social Media

Rather than being a full video production house we specialise in short videos with quick turnaround for promotions and social media.

We have videographers available across Australia

Video for social media and promotion – to get your message out now

We specialise in small scale video production with rapid delivery for social media marketing​

With the rise in video sharing it is now imperative that businesses consider how video can be utilised as part of their marketing strategy, or how their event or conference can reach audiences further afield.

We can assist you in producing content you can use on social media, promotional videos or as part of your broader branding objectives.

Vox pops – short pieces to camera for web and social media use. The videos are shot with a static camera and an external microphone.  ​

Social Media – These clips can be quickly edited, captioned and posted to social media during your event. ​

Time lapse – capture your entire event from setup to load out.

Live Streaming

Live steaming became popular due to travel restrictions during 2020-21; and now that clients, customers and staff are used to it there is every reason to continue – especially as it is now a cost effective option.

Our kit consists of Blackmagic ATEM pro eight channel switching/streaming module and up to eight camera or pre-recorded feeds from professional Panasonic video cameras along with professional audio equipment and an experienced crew.

Your event can be delivered live via YouTube Live, LinkedIn Live, Facebook Live, Twitch, Periscope, Vimeo, Skype, Zoom, and more. Stream to up to five social media platforms at once. Interactivity can be arranged on a number of these channels.

Live Streaming is perfect for…​

Awards – share the joy with your winners who cannot attend.​

Presentations – deliver your message to stakeholders.​

Teams – connect with remote teams.

Weddings, funerals, birthdays and other celebrations – share your special event with family anywhere in the world.​

More about Weddings >

Video on Demand

Recorded presentations can be shared on many platforms – including pay per view.

Video On Demand is right for…​

Training – Our team will come to your premises and shoot your presentations with a live mix. This lets you build an extensive library of training content to take your training online and global. The videos are then made available through your own Video on Demand platform.​

Seminars – recorded on site these are presentations that viewers can watch in their own time via your social media channels or private feed.​