Delivery of event photography has changed.

If your event is just being photographed in order to be documented, then editing and delivery days or weeks later is fine.

Today, however, most events are shared on social media, and that requires rapid delivery. And the best way of achieving that delivery is via RealTime.

EventPix photographers equipped with professional equipment and RealTime delivery will provide sharable photos – immediately.

How does it work?

As our photographers shoot, the files are uploaded to the cloud where they are automatically edtied and catalogued into individual galleries ready for download – immediately.

Access to files depends on your event.

  • Facial recognition – we use facial recognition to create a private gallery for each of your guests. Guests scan a QR to access a registration app – they enter their details and take a selfie and viola, any photo they are identified in is added to their gallery.
  • Social Media Manager Portal – we provide a link to your social media manager who has access to all the files as they are uploaded. These can be downloaded and shared immediately.

Quality Control

We use a combination of AI and online editors to monitor the event and ensure only quality photos are provided to you.


The files for sharing are 2.5 Mp – perfect for all social media platforms.

Larger files and prints

Post event the camera resolution files can be uploaded to an online gallery ready for  your guests to order.

Prints on the go

We can also provide onsite printing – our operator monitors the feed and downloads files for printing onsite. Print sizes available are 4” x 6”, 6” x 8” and 8” x 10”


Your brand can be included on the app interface and as a watermark on each downloaded file.

RealTime is perfect for

Awards – your guests can share professional photos immediately and so can your social media manager.

Corporate dinners – get your guests sharing professional photos.

Conferences – delegates and presenters can access their photos during the event.

Promotional events – the files can be watermarked with your brand and we can collect guest details for further marketing (subject to privacy protocols)

Meet & Greet – photos with celebrities (can also be printed onsite ready for signing)

School formals – students love it

Santa photos – no messing with vouchers, guests access immediately

Graduations – we have a special process that graduates love

Headshots – each sitter gets their own private gallery

Find out how RealTime delivery can enhance your event – call EventPix now on 1300 850 021