Headshots, Portraits and Team photos

When you take the time to invest in yourself, others take time to invest in you!

Corporate Portraits and Headshots Australia and NZ

While smartphone photos and selfies have a place in self-expression, it might not be the right fit for your business – but that all depends on what you do.

Your portrait might be the first thing a potential client or customer will see before meeting you in person, so having a professional business portrait of you and your team is an essential asset when presenting yourself in the marketplace. It helps develop a good first impression about you and the business you represent.

When you put the time and effort into building a reputable business that has a beautiful office and website, a great team and incredible service, your overall image should reflect your business and the professionalism it stands for. This includes having professional corporate portraits of your team and executives.

Corporate Portraits

Having high quality corporate photos of you and your team on your website creates a much stronger brand image that presents better opportunities to be seen and remembered by prospective clients and customers.​

Executive Portraits

You’re the boss, so having a high quality professional portrait will help you stand out and build rapport with your team, prospective clients and within your industry.

Professional Headshots

Having your professional headshot on Linkedin helps people connect with you in a meaningful way, and let’s prospective clients and hiring managers know that you are serious about your personal brand and the work you do.

Typical professional headshot shoot

Headshot photos are generally taken in a mini studio on location at your office by a professional photographer with professional studio lighting. We can also set-up at your conference or other event.

Once the lighting is set up and tested, our portrait photographers work productively to get the best headshots with the least disturbance to your workplace.

Typically we can efficiently process 30 – 50 headshots per hour.

Typical corporate portrait session

Corporate Portraits are generally taken in an environment that tells a story – at a desk, in action on the phone, helping other team members in the office or in board meetings etc.

For these type of portrait sessions we like to spend 15 – 30 minutes with each person, to get the perfect lighting and expression that tells a story about who they are and their role in the organisation.

Multiple locations

Have staff in multiple locations? We have photographers all over Australia so you do not have to go searching.  We use a consistent setup so your headshots can have a consistent look.

Selection and editing

We provide an online gallery for sitters to preview their photos and select which ones they would like additional editing on.