All images produced by EventPix photographers are protected by Australian and international copyright.

Items purchased via the EventPix website

  • Prints – you may not copy prints for any purpose without the express permission of EventPix.

  • Digital images – are provided with a non-exclusive licence. This means that the copyright of the image remains with EventPix, however EventPix grants to the purchaser of the image a non-exclusive licence to copy the digital image and to make prints from the digital file for personal use only. You may not resell the image in any format.

  • Crediting of Images – EventPix extends the Personal usage of the images to include publication on a private or corporate website, in promotional and documentation materials. All images used in this manner must be credited Photo by EventPix (or as directed when the image is sent to you)​

Images commissioned by EventPix clients

EventPix is the copyright owner of all images commissioned by a client and grants a non-exclusive licence for the use of the images by The Client.

Under certain circumstances EventPix may grant an exclusive licence to The Client.

EventPix will usually supply images to The Client as digital files via Dropbox r an online gallery.

  • Copying and printing – you may make digital copies of the images and prints for non-commercial use.

  • Licensing of EventPix images – the standard licensing arrangement between EventPix and The Client is for a royalty-free, non-exclusive licence to use the images for any non-commercial purpose.

  • Non-commercial usage licence includes the right to publish on private or corporate websites, publication in company newsletters (print or electronic) and archiving for documentary purposes.

  • You may not resell the images in any form without the permission of EventPix.

  • Crediting of Images – all images used in publications and websites must be credited Photo by EventPix (or as directed when the image is supplied to you).

  • Media use – you are welcome to provide the images to the media (print and electronic). Please ask for the image to be credited Photo by EventPix (or as directed when the image is supplied to you).​

Copyright agreement between EventPix and EventPix Clients

Copyright of the images is the property of EventPix however EventPix grants to The Client a royalty-free, non-exclusive perpetual licence to use the images for any non-commercial use.

This licence is effective from the time final payment is made for the agreed photography coverage.

The images must not be resold in any format without permission from EventPix.

The images may be reproduced in digital format (eg website or PowerPoint presentations) or hard copy (eg print publications or prints for your own use)

Media use – the images may be supplied free of charge to electronic or print media for promotional or editorial use. Please ask for the following credit – Photo by EventPix

EventPix may use selected images for our promotional purposes. EventPix will notify The Client of any intended such use and will credit the content of any images used as appropriate.

EventPix is a trading name of Backalley Production Company P/L ABN 35 003 123 617

EventPix photographers are freelance photographers who work under contract to EventPix and through us, our clients

The Client refers to the body commissioning the photography services of EventPix. This includes public relation, conference or event management companies who employ EventPix on behalf of their clients, in which case the copyright agreement applies to both the commissioning body and their client.

Further information on copyright is available from the Australian Copyright Council