Onsite studio and printing

You can choose from a range of onsite studio options to suit a wide variety of events.

These services are available in most major event locations.

Awards studio

Ideal for individual and team photos. We can work with your media wall or we can provide a plain backdrop or drapes.

Share your award winners on social media. Guests come to the studio after receiving their award and your social media manager has immediate access to the photos as they are taken. They immediately post the award details and winner with professional photos.

Themed studio

Great for themed events – we work with your event designer to construct a studio in that theme.

Fashion studio

Invite your guests to a shoot with our fashion photographer in your onsite fashion studio

Green screen studio

Take your guests to anywhere in the world – or out of it.


Onsite printing – postcard, 6”x 8”, 8”x 10” or A4 prints can be produced on site and delivered in an attractive folder.  The folders (or the print) can be overprinted with your event or company logo or message.

Artwork – we can add artwork to the images to deliver for example as a magazine cover.

RealTime delivery direct to your guests’ phones