Leveraging your award win

EventPix have been photographing awards ceremonies for over 20 years and during that time we have captured some great moments and heard some great stories from the winners. And we love to see them sharing,

So now you are a winner. You have your trophy, your package of digital files and other collateral showing you and your team celebrating – what should you do next? Here are some tips on how to leverage your award win.

Display your award – place your award in a prominent place in your shop or office with a photo of you (or your team) with the award

Post on social media – tell your followers about your award and make sure you use the hashtags for the particular awards.

Re-post on social media – don’t just do one post – you have a variety of photos, so use them.

Create a blog post – let the world know about your success via blog posts on your website.

Use the award logo – most awards have a digital logo you can use on your website, on your email footer and in social media.  If you have a print version put it up in your shop or office window.

Submit your story to your local newspaper – yes local newspapers are disappearing but if you still have one, contact them. Don’t just prepare a press release and send it through – call the journalist. They are always looking for local interest success stories so prepare a fact sheet – see the tips below.

Submit your story to your association – if you are a member of a trade association let them know you are a winner. Associations love to share success stories with their members.

Submit your story to trade media – if your industry has trade publications send them your story.

Story tips – obviously include details of the award you have won, including whether it is an individual, business or team award.

  • A little about the owners of the business and what your recent successes have been.
  • Some history – how long have you been in business. What has your growth been?
  • Make sure you include your contact details so the journalist can follow up (email and phone)

And if you are wondering why you should enter awards in the first place check out this blog post and video

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