Security and privacy of your photos

Image processing and storing

File transfer – our photographers operate all over Australia. At the end of each event the photographer delivers their files to EventPix via what are considered the most secure platforms – Dropbox, Hightail or WeTransfer.

Security statements from these platforms

File processing – We do not use cloud processing

  • All processing is done on a local computer and backed up on a local NAS and DVDs (yep we still use them).

Local – there are some instances where the photographer will download their files to a laptop on site and process there and then – delivery is via the platform chosen by the client (eg USB stick or SSD).

Delivery – Client

Standard delivery to the client is via Dropbox. In some circumstances other methods are used at the request of the client (eg they send us invite to a secure folder). We can also provide the files on a USB stick or DVD.

Delivery – Guests/delegates

We have a number of ways to share with the people who attended your event.

SmugMug gallery – we provide the client with a link to a private gallery that they can share with their guests.

Spot My Photo – uses facial recognition to deliver images via individual private galleries

  • SMP registration – we require a mobile number and/or email address in order to deliver the photos to the guest. We usually ask for the person’s first name in order to personalise delivery.
  • SMP tagging – guests can only access photos that they are tagged in.
  • A link to T&Cs is provided as part of the delivery process. Guests are required to accept the T&Cs before they can access their photos.
  • An additional Custom Terms can be implemented that guests have to agree to as well. eg a model release or an agreement that images from the event may be used by the event organiser for promotion etc
  • SMP process for registration
    • QR scan – guests may scan a QR at an event – they enter their details and take a selfie
    • Tagging – guests are shown photos by an assistant (usually on a tablet) and tag themselves – eg family photos where parents tag their children (a process we use for Santa photos) or awards photos where one business representative can tag all the staff.

Fotomerchant – access is restricted to private galleries for sales of digital files and prints.

  • Includes capture via Elementice platform (which will be shut down at the end of 2024)
  • Our primary use of the Fotomerchant platform is for graduation photography – guests register with their contact details and a selfie and are sent a link to their personal gallery to purchase digital files and prints.
  • Fotomerchant T&Cs Fotomerchant Privacy

Social media – we do not post photos to social media without the permission of the person in the photos.

  • Permission may be granted on an individual basis or on an event basis eg delegates to a conference sign an agreement that their image may be captured at an event and used by the conference organiser (and/or the photographer) for promotional purposes.

Onsite printing

  • If you do not want files to be shared via any online platform we can simply print onsite – guests have those prints only and no access to any digital files. But of course they will still take a photo with their phone and share on socials.

Other privacy considerations

  • The venue probably has security cameras – have you asked them for their privacy policy and how long they keep the files for?
  • All your guests will be carrying a camera in their phone – do you have a policy for how they can share the photos they take at your event?

EventPix privacy policy