RealTime photography delivers for military graduation

The RealTime delivery system by Elementice has been developed further with refinements to the facial recognition AI.

Last month we covered the RMC Duntroon graduation ball. The graduates were all sent a link during the week before the event so they could pre-register (name, email, mobile and selfie) then; as they had photos taken during the evening they were able to access them immediately on their phone.

Those who had not pre-registered (eg family members) were able to scan a QR and register onsite so they could also access the photos.

The following morning the files were checked and minor edits made as required, then the files were transferred to our Fotomerchant galleries from where the graduates and their families could order prints and digital files.

This is a perfect system for all sorts of events including awards, graduations, charity dinners, promotional events and more.

RealTime delivery is available via our network of photographers across Australia.

Give us a call to discuss your next event.

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