How RealTime delivery got even faster

Elementice are a startup based in Canberra and EventPix were an early adopter of their RealTime delivery technology. Our clients have been impressed by the speed of image delivery at their events.

During the shutdown last year the Elementice team took the opportunity to incorporate facial recognition technology.

In case you are not familiar with the standard RealTime process it goes like this. Our photographer takes a photo of guests, scans a QR code, and gives the guests a card with that QR printed on it, the guest scans the QR and the photos are delivered direct to their phones.

We introduced the facial recognition technology at a school formal we photographed in December (yes there were a few that happened).

Guests were photographed as they arrived on the red carpet. Once inside they were directed to our studio setup, but before entering the studio they were instructed to scan a QR code which took them to a login for the event. They entered their name, email and mobile number and then were instructed to take a selfie (we had a phone holder and ring light in order to capture a good selfie).

As soon as they had their photo taken in the studio they received an alert on their phone and were able to see not only the studio photos but the arrivals and any subsequent photos as well.

Later in the evening we did a group photo of over 200 students and teachers – this technology is so good that it also identified individuals in that group photo.

So why the email address? The images that are delivered to the guests’ phone are small files optimised for social media sharing. The following day we check the files and do any editing required, then we forward the large, edited files to Fotomerchant (another Australian innovation) which then triggers an email with instructions for ordering large JPEGs and prints.

Could either process work for your events? We find it works particularly well for awards, incentives, marketing and more. The scanning technology also works with barcodes on conference nametags.

Have a chat to us. We have teams trained with the technology in all Australian capitals and major regional centres.

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