The Event Industry Showcase That Set our Sensus on Fire

The Event Industry Showcase That Set our Sensus on Fire

How many events have you been to that touched all of your senses?

Having photographed thousands of events, there are not that many that stand out as much as the Sensus showcase last week.


Let me walk you through the night.

Upon arrival, guests were greeted by Light’em Up Stilts* girl and directed up a flight of stairs at the Rydges Hotel at South Bank in Brisbane where they had their photo taken with two towering Light’em Up stilts girls*. Their photos were taken and delivered in RealTime.

Guests were then led down the red carpet to a tray full of jelly shots served by the Living Carpet* and onto the Soleil Pool Bar deck which showcased Onstage’s Gentleman*, Lollipop Aerialist*, Segway Slick* and Top hat hottie* while DJ Mr Smith* was spinning tunes on the decks while intrigued guests experienced the unique food stations where you could do everything from taste radish ice cream made with liquid hydrogen to painting your own cracker with dips.

The night progressed with champagne, entertainment and networking before being set alight with flames and fireworks by our friends from Fuse Pyrotechnics.

This multifaceted event moved from Soleil into the Ballroom filled with red and pink flowers, nautical table cloths and entrees served with a card of some kind.

Once guests were seated the hilarious Jenny Wynter entered the stage, letting everyone know that tonight we’re playing Cards Against Humanity and that anything goes and to not hold back.

You will know if you have played Cards Against Humanity that it’s not for the faint-hearted, so you can only imagine the profanity and humorous disgust that was produced from each table.

Dinner was served, the games went on and then much to everyone’s surprise, the centrepieces were alight, stepping the vibe up a notch before being shipped off to level twelve.

The tropical theme of level twelve, which overlooks the Brisbane River and Wheel of Brisbane, set the scene for party. The band was playing, drinks were flowing and there were entertainment and dancers at every corner of the room.

To finish things off there were two dessert experiences. The first was a sensory walk through with headphones to match the desserts and displays, and the second was desserts delivered through the media wall. You had to watch out for the media wall desserts though because you didn’t always get a dessert. Sometimes a slap, and sometimes something else.

The night ended on the dance floor, doted the best events industry showcase people have ever been to.

Sensus keep stepping it up every year, so we look forward to sharing the experience once again next year. Thanks to the other sponsors (listed below) and again for having us deliver the photography in RealTime.

If you would like to see more photos from Sensus 2019 you can check them out here:

Showcase Sponsors:

Onstage Entertainment
Jason Thomas Events
Sol RED Creative Event Services
Rydges Hotels & Resorts
Fuse Pyrotechnics
Select Audio Visual

* OnStage Entertainment Lineup

Lollipop Aerialist
Need an amazingly unique and bendy aerialist without having to worry about rigging points? Daisy is an industry professional offering this adaptable apparatus that’s perfect for any venue, with easy load-in and load out. A five-minute blow-your-mind performance will have your audiences impressed and entertained. Or utilise her skills “freestyle” for cocktail events as we did in Soleil.

This creepy yet intriguing character is the ‘egor’ in the family. From our creative arm – this character is available for roving but is also one of many from our HUGE array of tailored roving options.

Light’em Up stilts
The only kind in the country, these brand new LED dresses are fully programmable to suit your colour scheme and messaging. Doesn’t get much better than this when it comes to classing and interesting costumed stilt characters.

Segway Slick
Trade show or office floor, function space or outdoors, these segway characters are the only ones of their kind and based right here in Brisbane. Have them replenish your drinks as they slide by on their silent miniature segways. This options also available as other characters (insert bubble bot photo/video)

Top hat hottie
What’s better than amazing costumed hostesses offering canapes to your guests with an LED light vending tray –a rather pleasant looking host (forget the ‘sesses’). We’re an equal opportunity employer here at @onstageentertainment

Living Carpet
Available in white and red, or we can make one for you….. only peasants have red carpet entries without a human!

DJ Mr Smith
You only saw him playing his chill vibes – you should check this guy out in his party duo “Cam n bert” complete with CO2 shooter…. Seriously awesome versatile rockstar

Jenny Wynter
Female comedians are so hot right now, and none hotter than Jenny Wynter. She’s winning awards, touring the country, making the cover of magazines and has a very successful comedy facebook group. We can’t get enough of her – and her versatility as either fun and singy-alongy MC or in more formal matters, Jenny is our funny bitch extraordinaire. We’ve known it for years’ , now we’re glad you know it too – she’s the biz.

Lampshade Statuesque & Lace face
Custom logo and divine costumes make our Lampshade Statuesque and Lace face the perfect options for less in-your-face and more fashion and corporate conscious events. Colour options available and costumes can be smooshed to add floristry, garland, jewels – anything to swish up your social media posts.

1 x media wall
We love this for fun and interaction. The Media wall can be used as a dessert station (a-la #senseus2019), exhibition stand, photography wall or red carpet entrance package – Or any other wacky idea you have. Your logo’s go in the poster spots and our hands come out of the curtain spots! We can create the right vibe for you – cheeky and a bit saucy or straight-up pro with a gloved hand peeping out with a glass of champagne.

You know we don’t do things like everyone else – and that includes our gogo dancers. Create your own ‘Marilyn’ moment with these fun gogo podiums complete with fan and lycra. Make it as classy or as sassy as you like, with a bazillion costume options available to suit your style.

Want to build your database information a little differently? Capture details and messages differently, or even ask your guests to draw a picture – anything to make your experience more personalised and interactive.

Need we say anything at all? This band freakin’ rocks and offers fresh faces with a professional attitude. No dicks demanding meals, no precious wankers – The Jimmy Sogalrey Band is simple brilliant musical entertainment. Book them, there’s really nothing more you need to do to ensure success at your event.

2019 Seafood Awards photography delivered via RealTime

2019 Seafood Awards photography delivered via RealTime

This year’s Sydney Fish Market Seafood Excellence Awards was held at the Australian Maritime Museum. The awards recognise the top players in the seafood industry, including commercial fishers and aquaculturists, retailers, exporters, wholesalers, restaurateurs. This biannual event celebrates the professionalism and industry commitment to supplying some of the finest seafood in the world to local, national and international markets.

With the launch of RealTime delivery, this year we delivered the professional photographs taken by our photographers instantly enabling the SFM marketing manager to share the results on social media soon after they were announced.

Here are a few photos from the awards, and if you’d like to learn more about RealTime click here.

Finally, RealTime access to professional photos

Finally, RealTime access to professional photos

You pay good money to have a professional photographer cover your event – then wait days to see your photos.  Now you and your guests can have access to those photos, live as our photographers shoot your event.

It is delivered by EventPix. It’s called RealTime.

RealTime is the new delivery service, where professional photos taken at your event can be accessed immediately by your guests, making them more engaged as they share high-quality professional photos of your event on social media.

Meanwhile your social media manager will have a login to access all the photos so they can pick the best to share on your feeds.

How does RealTime work?

It’s really simple. When a photograph has been taken of your guests, our professional photographer provides them with a QR code they scan on their phone. This instantly gives guests access to a personal gallery where they can access and share their photographs, along with others from shared galleries of the event.

This QR code can be scanned multiple times, adding to each personal gallery.

The QR code can be supplied via a card given to them by the photographer or via our registration partners’ name badges.

To enhance your brand we can add overlays that will help promote your organisation, brand or event, so your event never goes unseen again.

The best thing about RealTime delivery is the galleries can be accessed from any phone or website, instantly.

What about quality control?

In the past, we would fully edit images post-event and deliver the following day. So how do we ensure quality with such a quick turnaround?

First is the photographers – we only work with experienced professionals.

Second is preparation – our photographers arrive in plenty of time to check the stage and venue lighting – do test shots and adjust for exposure and colour balance. Our studio lighting is also checked and balanced.

So now the majority of the images will be great already.

The third stage is monitoring of the files as they are uploaded – we have an experienced photo editor watching the feed. Their job is to delete any sub-standard (or inappropriate) images and to quickly edit any that require it.

Images for print media and documentation

The original camera files will be edited and delivered a few days post-event and can also be made available via our sales gallery for guests who wish to order prints.

RealTime delivery is perfect for awards presentation, gala dinners, graduations and school formals, conferences, marketing activations and public events.

Try RealTime delivery at your next event – ask about our introductory offer.

How Conference Photography is The Best PR and Marketing Opportunity

How Conference Photography is The Best PR and Marketing Opportunity

The conference photography for the Higher Education Conference in Canberra presented a great opportunity for PR and marketing content for the organisers.

During the conference photos of keynote speakers were delivered to the client between sessions, which they then used for press releases and social media about the event.

The Australian Financial Review also took advantage of our service and requested some portrait photographs of Federation University Vice-Chancellor Helen Bartlett, which were featured in this article published by the AFR during the conference: Federation University boosts foreign student numbers as metropolitan unis debate intake.

The technology available to photographers today, combined with the expertise of our conference photographers enabled the delivery of these photos in a speedy fashion.

Here are some of the photos that were taken at the conference.


Event Photography: Miss Universe Contestants Pose for the Pola Party

Event Photography: Miss Universe Contestants Pose for the Pola Party

Leading up to the 2019 Miss Universe Australia contest, teeth whitening sponsor, SDI (Pola Teeth Whitening) hosted a number of cocktail parties for State Finalists around Australia – which we had the pleasure of providing the event photography for in each state.

The events have been cleverly plastered over social media thanks to Miss Universe contestants blogging and posting on social media, giving SDI and partnering dentists an amazing amount of exposure and marketing content.

Here are some photos from the night.

Click here if you’d like to follow the Miss Universe Australia event or Pola Teeth Whitening.


Why Does Event Photography Cost So Much?

Why Does Event Photography Cost So Much?

The cost of event photography can come as a shock to some people. Have you considered the value of hiring a professional event photography company over an amateur? Like what goes on behind the scenes… including:

The Experience, Study and Skill of a Photographer

A professional photographer will sometimes spend five to ten years developing their skill before shooting events professionally. If a photographer takes the route of professional training in TAFE or at University the cost can surpass $30,000.

Photography is a skill that must be practised regularly to develop and maintain a high standard. They must know how to use their camera equipment and respond to different lighting situations and demands of the client and event quickly.

When you hire an experienced and professional event photographer you know the shots will be delivered to the brief. The quality will be of a high standard and the photographer will appear and be professional. You know they won’t be fumbling around trying to figure out how their camera works as your event unfolds, and they will get photos of those irreplaceable moments at your event.

Cost of Photography Gear

There’s a reason amateur photographers don’t have the latest and most professional equipment. It’s expensive and needs to be updated frequently to ensure the quality of photos comply with industry standards.

A basic event photographers kit will consist of equipment in excess of $15,000. In case of equipment failure, the photographer will need at least two camera bodies and two lenses, backup batteries, multiple memory cards and speedlites (on camera flash).

The photographer’s professional camera body is typically updated every two to three years, as the manufacturer releases new technology that increases the quality of the photographs an event photographer can take.

If the photographer is required to shoot on-site portraits and deliver prints, the photographers kit will be worth in excess of $20,000.

Consistency and Reliability 

of The Event Photographer

Sometimes hiring a hobbyist photographer friend with a great camera to shoot your event can seem like a great idea but in reality, when you’re hosting a corporate event it’s important to hire a professional event photography company. You will know the standard of service you’ll receive is seamless, images will be delivered on time and the photographer is experienced and professional.

For events hosted in multiple locations, partnering with an event photography company that has a reputation of providing a consistent, reliable and professional service ensures you receive beautiful images that are shot to the brief and delivered on time. This is particularly important when delivering an event for a client of your own.

When you partner with an event photography company, you can rest assured that if the photographer assigned to your event is unwell or has a personal emergency that you will be replaced with another photographer that will provide the same consistent service and your images will be delivered on time.

Post Production and Delivery

So you’ve hired a photographer for a four-hour event, and you’re gasping at the price. Though have you considered the time a photographer will take on their computer editing the photos after your event?

During one four hour event an event photographer might take between 1,000 and 2,000 photos, which each needs to be reviewed, unflattering expressions on people’s faces are culled, the colour is balanced and the lighting is beautiful, the images are resized and exported, usually in multiple different formats to meet the client’s brief.

For a four hour event, the editing process might take anywhere from two to four hours.

Insurance and Public Liability

Like most organisations, you need to be insured. But not all photographers are, so when you hire a professional event photography company you know that in the event someone is injured that the liability will not fall onto you.

When is the last time you asked your event photographer whether they have public liability insurance?