Video Services

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Video Production & Vox pops

We specialise in small scale video production with rapid delivery for social media marketing



Professional videographers will capture your event and a dedicated producer and technician will mix the vision and audio ready to stream or record.


​Live Streaming

Your event or presentation can be delivered live via YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Zoom, and more.

Video On Demand

The live mix is further edited and then made available through a password protected Video on Demand platform (including pay per view if required).

The Team

Professional videographers, producer and editor to ensure the best quality result.


The Equipment

Professional DSLR video cameras paired with quality Rode wireless microphones all mixed on a Blackmagic broadcast quality live production switcher. 

The switcher unit has features such as chroma keying, wipes, dissolves and picture in picture along with graphics for logos, overlay text etc.

Presentation slides and videos are seamlessly incorporated into the mix.

Area serviced

Currently servicing the Sydney metro area. Also available for locations outside Sydney with additional travel costs.

Video for social media or live streamed - your customers want it now

We can assist you in producing content you can use on social media, promotional videos or as part of your broader branding objectives.

 Live streaming keeps your clients and guests engaged. Training and seminar videos are produced “live” and made available on demand.

Live Streaming & Video on Demand

You have your event all planned but your important guests cannot attend due to travel restrictions.

Our crew setup multiple cameras and the live performance or presentation is streamed live to your own channel embedded in your website or via social media platforms.

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