Because of the demands of today’s society guests are too impatient to wait for professional photos from your event, so they will happily share to social media poor photos taken on their phone. This does nothing to enhance your brand.

So welcome to the EventPix RealTime delivery service – professional photos taken of your event that your guests access and share immediately.

Engage your audience

When our photographer takes a photo of your guests they will give them a card that they scan with their phone – this will give them immediate access to the photos that were just taken, which they will then be encouraged to share on social media.

Social Media managers will love this

The social media manager for the event can be given a login to access all the images. They can then select images and post straight to social media with all the information about the event with the appropriate hashtags.  This can be done on or off site on phone tablet or laptop.

Example – awards presentations

With their login your social media manager can monitor all the photos as they are taken which they can select and post immediately.

The social media captions are prepared in advance to include the award category, award winner and awards/event hashtag.  You can use a photo of the presentation on stage or better still have your winners come to a studio we have setup nearby for a great photo.

Alternatively we can provide a social media operator to post these for you. To do this we require a copy of the award categories and winners so we can prepare the posts in advance. We will also require a temporary login to your social media accounts.

Example – conference

Our photographer gets shots of your keynote speaker as they begin their presentation. Your social media manager then access those images and posts to social media.

Create a buzz among your delegates – as they are photographed during the social events they are given a card with QR code that they scan to access their photo immediately ready to share.

Fully integrated conference services

We have partnered with leading conference registration services to integrate into their systems. The conference nametags include the QR code that our photographer will scan to give your delegates immediate access to their photos and to whichever galleries you decide to make public.

Quality control

In the past we would fully edit images post event and deliver the following day. So how do we ensure quality with such quick turnaround?

First is the photographers – we only work with experienced professionals.

Second is preparation – our photographers arrive in plenty of time to check the stage lighting – do test shots and adjust for exposure and colour balance. Our studio lighting is also checked and balanced.

So now the majority of the images will be close to perfect already.

The third stage is monitoring of the files as they are uploaded – we have an experienced photo editor watching the feed. Their job is to delete any sub-standard (or inappropriate) images and to quickly edit any that require it.

Images for print media and documentation

The original camera files will be edited and delivered to the client a few days post event.  The images can also be made available via our current sales gallery for guests who wish to order prints.