School Formal photography that is memorable and immediate

Students go to a lot of trouble to dress up for their once in a lifetime event – SocialPix photographers capture the glamour and excitement of the event and deliver the photos straight to the students’ phones.


This is what you can expect.

The Studio - Our team arrive early to set up a backdrop and studio lighting to create an elegant and friendly experience.

Our photographers and stylists are very experienced with studio posing and capturing the moment. We use both male and female photographers but our stylists are all female. While the photographers work at a respectable distance the stylists will move in to adjust dresses, hide bra straps etc in order to make the girls in particular look their best.

For larger events we will set up multiple studios to handle the demand.

Roving photography – the only roving photography we do is the arrivals. The kids can do their own roving shots with their phones – we focus on creating beautiful studio photos.

RealTime delivery - Students love the RealTime delivery process. All attendees pre-register (or onsite) with a selfie and the RealTime system uses facial recognition to create a private gallery for each attendee. Their photos are sent direct to their phone as soon as they are taken.

Budget and Payment – we charge per student (with a minimum amount). We ask for final numbers two weeks before the event and issue an invoice to be paid before the event.

Our team are guided by our Working with Children policy which ensures all students are treated with respect. Our studios are open and our team are never alone with students.

Our team will work with the teaching staff to facilitate any students with societal or physical issues.

Insurance - EventPix photographers and staff are fully covered by Public Liability and Workers Comp Insurance.

COVID safety - EventPix are a certified COVID-Safe business and will follow the protocols laid down by the venue and the school.

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