Would you get a barber, or a hairdresser to photograph your next event?

OK so the headline got you to read on – but what am I on about?

I’ve been blessed with a decent cranial covering all my life. Even when it went grey I still kept it reasonably long. For decades I’ve been going to various hairdressers to keep it in shape.

Since moving back to Sydney four years ago I’ve been going to a salon in my local shopping centre where Anne has kept me styled. She asks what styling I want and then sets to work. Then we chat about life in general (and then life in lockdown). When she wasn’t available one of the other girls would just follow the style established by Anne.

Earlier this year I moved to a different suburb and decided to try the salon in my local shopping centre. My instruction was quite simple “take about half off and keep the style”. However this time my cut was done by a barber, who proceeded to remove almost all of my locks. His conversation was about football – with the barber on the next chair. I was left with just the apprentice to chat to. Yes the haircut was professional – but not my style.

So back to the headline – do you want a photographer who does a professional job; the way they think it should be done? Someone who just cuts it? Or do you want someone who engages with you and crafts a visual story of your event? Someone who takes the time to understand your style.

Older, greyer, shorter

As the owner of EventPix I get a lot of photographers who want to work with us. I take a look at their work and note how professional they are, and then I sit down and have a chat with them to find out if they are barber of a hairdresser.

And yes – next time I’m going back to Anne even though the salon is 30 mins away.

COVID update – in Sydney we are all locked down but we are still managing shoots in other states and regional NSW, in fact today we have a shoot in Deniliquin.

Technology rollout – here is an article I posted about how we are used facial recognition to delivery photos straight to private galleries for graduates at a recent event in Canberra.