Finally, RealTime access to professional photos

You pay good money to have a professional photographer cover your event – then wait days to see your photos.  Now you and your guests can have access to those photos, live as our photographers shoot your event.

It is delivered by EventPix. It’s called RealTime.

RealTime is the new delivery service, where professional photos taken at your event can be accessed immediately by your guests, making them more engaged as they share high-quality professional photos of your event on social media.

Meanwhile your social media manager will have a login to access all the photos so they can pick the best to share on your feeds.

How does RealTime work?

It’s really simple. When a photograph has been taken of your guests, our professional photographer provides them with a QR code they scan on their phone. This instantly gives guests access to a personal gallery where they can access and share their photographs, along with others from shared galleries of the event.

This QR code can be scanned multiple times, adding to each personal gallery.

The QR code can be supplied via a card given to them by the photographer or via our registration partners’ name badges.

To enhance your brand we can add overlays that will help promote your organisation, brand or event, so your event never goes unseen again.

The best thing about RealTime delivery is the galleries can be accessed from any phone or website, instantly.

What about quality control?

In the past, we would fully edit images post-event and deliver the following day. So how do we ensure quality with such a quick turnaround?

First is the photographers – we only work with experienced professionals.

Second is preparation – our photographers arrive in plenty of time to check the stage and venue lighting – do test shots and adjust for exposure and colour balance. Our studio lighting is also checked and balanced.

So now the majority of the images will be great already.

The third stage is monitoring of the files as they are uploaded – we have an experienced photo editor watching the feed. Their job is to delete any sub-standard (or inappropriate) images and to quickly edit any that require it.

Images for print media and documentation

The original camera files will be edited and delivered a few days post-event and can also be made available via our sales gallery for guests who wish to order prints.

RealTime delivery is perfect for awards presentation, gala dinners, graduations and school formals, conferences, marketing activations and public events.