Covid-19 UPDATE: School formals and graduations in NSW to go ahead

School formals and graduations have been given the go ahead in NSW from the end of the HSC exams on November 12th.

The official advice from the NSW Government regarding photography for school formals and graduations published on 11th September is: Have strategies to discourage people gathering in large groups for spontaneous photographs, such as by designating an official event photographer and making these photos accessible to attendees after the event.

The ACT government is expected to follow suit, however they currently have a 100 person limit on school events.

Covid-19 safety plan for photography

EventPix have over 15 years experience in photographing school formals and graduations and have developed practices for a covid safe photography service.

Rather than roving photographers we provide a professional studio setup where we can manage the number of students in the studio at all times with a focus on couples and small groups. We will be guided by the school regarding house and year group photos.

In addition our staff will wear masks where practical, we will provide sanitiser in the studio and all our equipment is cleaned before each event.

We also have a selfie studio. This is an open photobooth, so teachers and staff can easily monitor students doing their selfies. Students will not be allowed to use the touch screen (we will provide an assistant to do that) and prints will be laid out for the students to pick up. Unfortunately we cannot provide shared props.

Our guidelines are designed to fit in with the covid safe plan developed by the school and the venue.

We have two options for delivery of the images. Students and parents are sent a link (via the school) to an online gallery where they can order free digital files and purchase prints.

Live streaming service for Graduations

The NSW Government is also encouraging live streaming of events such as graduations - EventPix LIVE is a professional streaming service that will not burn your budget. We provide a two or three camera setup with switching and delivery via a private Vimeo feed that can be embedded into the school website.

Get in touch

We are working with our previous school clients to develop a safe and enjoyable system for everyone. If you are new to our service please send us details of your event via the contact form and we will call you to discuss the best options for your event.