Live Stream Funeral

Loved ones who cannot attend a funeral can now watch from anywhere in the world on any device.

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Live streaming your funeral

Loved ones who cannot attend a funeral can now watch from anywhere in the world on any device.


We can live stream from churches, chapels, your home or garden, indoor or outdoor venues, graveside; in fact anywhere that has 4G coverage.

Packages include all the technology required, operated by a professional team.

The EventPix Live service is designed to be discreet and affordable


Cameras - 2 cameras - one has an operator to zoom and pan, the other camera is static for alternate views and a backup if anything goes wrong.


Audio - this most important element is taken care of by taking a feed from the venue sound desk or using multiple wireless microphones - on the lectern and/or celebrant.  Also take a feed from any live or recorded music or video.

Slideshow or video - a separate feed is taken from your slideshow or video tributes and incorporated into the live stream mix.

Vision mixer - a professional panel operator will switch between cameras and other feeds (eg tribute slideshow) and monitor the audio.

Transmission - if we cannot connect to the internet via a cabled router in the venue we use a mobile 4G broadband connection.

Hosting - choose your favoured social media platform or we can provide a private feed.

Your copy - a copy of your video will be provided on USB a few days after the funeral

Graveside - a compact, fully battery powered option with discrete wireless microphones - available with the venue service or as a standalone package.  

Additional Services

Slideshow and/or video tribute - we can produce a slideshow or video tribute using your material and choice of music.

Backup - if for any reason the funeral cannot be broadcast live (eg no mobile reception) we will record the ceremony and upload as soon as practical after the funeral

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