Delivery via Hightail

Digital orders from the Local Business Awards are delivered via Hightail

To access your photos simply click on the link in the email which will take you to a download page.

Your files are provided as Small JPEG files which are optimized for social media use. And as Large JPEG files which are suitable for printing up to A4 on a photo quality printer.

These files are sent in a zip file – instructions to unzip using mac

Windows 7, 8 and 10 have unzipping built in – simply click on the folder to open then drag the enclosed folders to your desktop.

NB many computers come with “free” software which is in fact crippleware. So if your computer tries to open the zipped folders with a program such as WinZip and then asks you to buy the software in order to complete the task all you have to do is remove that program from your computer and Windows will then take over and open the folders normally.

To remove a program from your Windows computer go to Control Panel then open Programs and Features, click on the offending program and then follow the prompts to remove.

Your tax receipt and print order form are provided as both PDF and Word document – most computers are loaded with software to open them.

If you insist on trying to access your photos on a mobile device you must download the Hightail app first, however downloading the Large JPEG folder will certainly chew through your data allowance.