Zenfolio troubleshooting

Ordering from multiple galleries

Ordering packages from multiple galleries is not the most intuitive process. The easiest way to order a package with images from multiple galleries is to first favorite all of the photos you may be interested in buying. Then, when you get to the checkout you can select from a number of different packages – select the package you wish to order, then drag the images from your favorites to the placeholders in each package.

Checkout issues

As a first step, have you created a client account?

Now try saving the cart and then logging out of your client account. Then follow the next troubleshooting steps to see if this helps resolve the issue:

• Sign out and back into the account.
• Try private browsing or Incognito mode
• Use another browser
• Disable browser add-ons
• Clear browser cache

If you are successfully able to checkout with another browser or with the Private Browsing mode, then it most likely is the result of old cached data interfering with the latest version of the site. You can follow the instructions on this page on how to disable browser add-ons and clear the cache.