Abby Lee tour Australia

Images from the Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast and Perth Masterclasses  are now online – photos with Abby Lee are up and so are the ones with Maddie, Mackenzie, Nia and Kendall.

There are quite a few photos missing from the Facebook albums due to upload issues – however you should find all your photos in our online galleries

You have the opportunity to order free digital files or to purchase prints.


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22 Responses to Abby Lee tour Australia

  1. mel says:

    Can you tell me if you took 2 photos on the day if both will be uploaded to the site…? My daughters groups shot from sydney yesterday with the girls has maddie turned to the side telling the audience to be quiet but my daughter said you took 2 photos, but only one was uploaded on facebook the one with maddie not looking. We will keep checking to see if it get uploaded….she is just a little disappointed so i thought i would ask….Thank you

    • mel says:

      It was just uploaded! Thank you!!!

    • Trevor says:

      Hi Mrs Mel
      Yes we took two photos of everyone. This is a safety measure to ensure that if the subject blinks we still get one good shot.
      Unfortunately our upload system didn’t cooperate with Facebook and so not all shots were uploaded so we are in the process up reloading all the shots.
      All the images will be on our web galleries tomorrow and they are much easier to browse than Facebook

  2. Deb Hartigan says:

    Have the photos from melbourne Saturday been uploaded to your website yet, I can’t seem to find them.

  3. Hi Just wondering if you still have to upload photos with the girls for the later times my daughter should be in the group 6.30 – 7.00

  4. Unknown says:

    Hi, will you be uploading photos of the sydney meet and greet from july 28. 🙂 Thankyou

  5. Angela says:

    Hi – I am one of many Mums with daughters waiting anxiously for the final dancers pictures from Abby Lee Tour Perth to be uploaded. I realise this is a huge job but ask that you get to it ASAP. Thanks Angela

  6. Jessica says:

    The perth pictures don’t appear to be available yet, have they been uploaded?

    • Trevor says:

      Hi Jessica
      All the Perth pix are now online – just follow the link

      • Angela says:

        I have been checking the links all weekend and there are NO NEW PERTH pix yet – just checked again and it is still the same ones – there are hunderds missing orange and purple groups that I know of. PLEASE CHECK AGAIN … Thank you

        • Trevor says:

          Hi Angela

          All the Perth pix have been uploaded.
          Can you please be more specific.
          Approx what time were your photos taken are are you looking for the ones with Abby or with the girls?

          • Angela says:

            Hi Trevor – thank you for your reply – I am trawling thru the pics again but some just will not load up … perhaps I am looking in the wrong place I just do not know. I am missing the photos of the girls with the dancers – my daughter was in the purple group and I guess must have been towards the end as she only finished her photos at 9:59pm … Her photo with Abby is there in the Perth Abby B group 172 & 173 of 523 if that helps at all. She is definitely not in the Perth Dancers B group with only 322 pix and I have looked thru every one of those. I will keep trying to look at the other group but as I say they just will not load. Sorry to be such a nag but she is desperately waiting and I want to purchase some prints for her as well. Thanks in advance.

            • Trevor says:

              Hi Angela

              Are you looking on Facebook or the website?
              We know there are images missing on Facebook but they are all up on the website via the links at

              • Angela says:

                Thank you so much Trevor – That is what I needed – was looking in the wrong place the whole time – yes on Facebook I also kept trying your webpage but for some reason could not find the correct link – I will have a very happy daughter tonight thank you so very much 🙂

  7. Leah Parkinson says:

    Hi Trevor, my daughters group photo with the girls is still not loaded between. her photo with Abby was uploaded in the 8-8.30 timeslot. her friends at same time are not there either, just wondering if they are still coming??I have an anxiously waiting daughter.Thanks Leah

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